NYR 2018

I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions about what we do when reflecting on the year that passed/planning for the year ahead. Are we doing resolutions? Are we setting goals? Are we setting intentions? Are we picking a word? I think in the past few years I've done all of the above (with varying levels of success executing them through the year).


A couple of these are more along the resolution spectrum, but I kind of set my resolutions for the next ~3 years when I wrote my 101 in 1001 list in October. So along with those resolutions, I broke down a couple of my 101 in 1001 items to try to accomplish this year:

Read 20 books
My 101 in 1001 list has me reading 62 books over a little less than 3 years — 50 new-to-me books, 5 classics, and rereading the Harry Potter series. I read 3 from when I started in mid-October through the end of the year, so my goal is that I'm hoping to hit (and surpass) for 2018 is 20 books to keep me on track for the bigger goal.

Travel to 4 new places
101 in 1001 has a lot of travel. For new locales, I want to visit 3 new countries, 4 new states, and 6 new cities. I also want to take trips with my family, mom, dad, sister, brother, friends, and alone. It's...a lot — but I am excited about it! To break it down, it's about ~4 places/per year. Ideally, I'll split it up and knock off 1 country, 1-2 states, and 2(ish) cities.

Teach 2 classes per week
I started teaching spin last fall, and I love my regular class on Wednesdays at 6am. But it is really tough to convince friends to come take your class when it involves leaving their homes at 5:30am. I'd love to teach another class, ideally at a more human time, so that I can get more practice making playlists and on the instructor bike, and so that I can tell more people I know to come to my classes.

Call to catch up
I say that I hate talking on the phone, but I really don't. When I'm talking to people that I know, I actually love talking on the phone. I'm trying to make a better effort to call people to catch up, especially friends and family that are far away. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, it's nice to say hello, hear a friendly voice, and let someone know I'm thinking of them. 

Take more picture with my camera
I have an awesome camera that I bought from my old boss, and it is criminally underused. It is often easier to just whip out the iPhone rather than lugging a DSLR around with me. I love that camera, but I'm also a little intimidated by it. You know how I won't get better at using it? By letting it sit in my camera bag. Time to get it out and get snapping.

Celebrate others without reservation
I always try to celebrate the accomplishments of my friends and family, but I want to put it in writing to do it often and without reservation in 2018. The green-eyed monster likes to come and visit sometimes, and this year I really want to work on getting rid of the jealousy that pops up and completely celebrating the incredible people around me. 

That's it! Here we go for 2018. Cheers to the New Year!