Of Note — January 26

Do you know what basically the opposite of 9 inches of snow is? 60 degrees and this sunrise:


Currently reading
I've made approximately 10 pages of progress in The Dazzling Heights since last week. I think reading books/anything for fun is going to be on the back-burner until after my sister's wedding. This week I read about how to remove the background of a PNG in Photoshop so I can make my sister's Snapchat filter. 

Currently watching
I am mainlining wedding videos on Vimeo. I've only been to one wedding as an adult, and they didn't do speeches at the reception. So I have never seen a toast/speech given (except in movies, which don't usually go that great), and I've got to deliver one in eight days. Enter one million wedding videos online. They don't usually have the entire speeches, but they're giving me a wide variety of what people do and helping me learn what I do/don't like to see. I realize I really hate it when the speech-giver is crying hard (so let's try to avoid that), and I think it looks way better to read off of paper than a phone. 

Currently listening
Last weekend, my mom and I went to see Audra McDonald at Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill (presented by Carolina Performing Arts). I saw her when she came 3 years ago, and it was just as sensational then as it was on Sunday. Even better, I'd say, because she's had a baby (!! She's 48!!) since then, so Audra has even more and funnier stories about being a new mom again. She is the perfect; she has the voice of a goddess; do yourself a favor and go listen to her right now

Currently eating
Day 25 of Whole30! I won't be doing the entire thirty days, because I want to start easing foods back in before my sister's wedding. I'm not super interested in finding out that bread now makes me super bloated after eating 2 bagels on the morning of the wedding. I am planning on doing one Whole30 meal/day starting on Sunday. I'm figuring out what my post-Whole30 plan will be, but I imagine it will include something like that — a compliant meal once a day, or a few days compliant/few days not a week. To be determined!

Currently loving
Kiehl's hand lotion with aloe vera & oatmeal (cured my lizard-like dry hands), riding podium for my friend's cycle class while she's healing her broken tailbone (ouch!), sitting outside for lunch in January.