Of Note — February 16

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.


Currently reading
Still going on This Lullaby, but I'm fairly certain that my Kindle library loan may expire before I finish it. I'm not sure I like it? The beginning of the book is very frustrating; Remy, time and again, tells Dexter that she is not interested in him and he should leave her alone. I know it was written several years ago, but I'm reading it in 2018, and I can't separate/have no tolerance for stories about men who don't understand that no means no. When the book is returned, I'll actually shift my attention to To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

Currently watching
Okay, two things to cover here (maybe this section being so long is reflective of why I haven't finished my book yet...)
1.  Paddington 2 is a perfect movie. I cannot stop talking about it. It is hilarious and charming and full of joy. I saw it with my dad on Saturday night, and while he was very hesitant to go, he was laughing throughout the whole movie and was crying along with me at the end.
2.  On TV, I'm basically only watching the Olympics, and it is magical. I cry all the time when I watch the Olympics, particularly at golds/significant achievements for Team Canada. The teariest moment this week was when Wojtek Wolski scored in the first men's hockey game. He plays in the KHL and in October 2016 (less than a year and a half ago) broke his neck and thought he would never play hockey again. Now he's an Olympian and scored two goals for Team Canada. I have a lot of thoughts/feelings about the NHL not allowing its players to compete this year, but watching these guys play — who probably dreamed of wearing the maple leaf growing up but gave that dream up in a bout of realism years ago — is incredible. 

Currently listening
Every week, I tell myself I need to stop listening to Gilmore Guys so that I have something new to write in this section. Some weeks, I am successful in adding something new (but never at taking out GG); some weeks, I am not. This week I've at least been listening to new Gilmore Guys episodes, going back to the episodes I never listened to that they recorded talking to cast/crew of the show or of answering emails and voicemails. I also have been listening to lots of girl power music in order to come up with the playlist for the Galentine's Day spin class I taught on Wednesday morning. It was on awesome ride, and the playlist was stellar (if I do say so myself).

Currently eating
Almost every year for Lent, I give up sweets, soda, and french fries. I take the 6.5 weeks to focus on being healthier — in body, mind, and spirit — and that's how I approach the body part. What it means, though, is in the couple of days leading up to Lent, I go a little nuts. I bought an ice cream cake that my roommate and I devoured, snacked on Valentine's candy all day on Tuesday, and visited Al's Burger Shack (best burgers and fries in Chapel Hill, hands down) for rosemary sea salt crinkle fries and a Dr. Pepper before going to church for Ash Wednesday. See you in April, sugar.

Currently raging
I want these little "of note" posts to be capsules in time, so I can know what I was doing/how I was feeling/what was happening throughout the year. I cannot talk about this week without talking about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Right now, 17 people are dead and 14 are injured, students and adults among them. I remember exactly where I when I learned about a lot of the most recent mass shootings — there are too many to name them all. And that, of course, is the problem. I'm devastated by the shooting, but more than anything I am enraged by it. That it could happen, that these kids and their parents have to suffer through it, and that spineless politicians won't do a single thing to try and stop it from happening again. They are sending their "thoughts and prayers" or it is "too soon to politicize it" or some other horrible excuse — it's all crap, and it makes me so mad. I made a donation to Everytown for Gun Safety to try to feel like I was doing anything to help.

Currently loving
Trying to end on a positive note — this week was a lot of spending time with all the strong women in my life, which is my favorite thing to do. I got to teach 2 spin classes, and we had a 75-degree day to enjoy.