Of Note — March 30

Hard to believe we're already at the end of March! This week and weekend have/will be really busy for me — this week included a bunch of really fun activities at night, and the weekend involves a lot of time at church for choir rehearsal/performance during Easter. It's not exactly a restful long weekend, but it will be fun!


Currently reading
I read The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza this week. It was an easy, funny read about a 40-something woman, Imogen, who returned to her job as an editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine after a 6-month sick to leave to discover that her former assistant has been hired to turn the magazine into an app. It navigates their complicated dynamic, shows Imogen learning about and adapting to the new technology in her workplace, and name drops a good number of fashion names. It was light and funny and addictive, and I enjoyed it even more than Lucy and Jo's other novel, Fitness Junkie.

Currently watching
 Last Friday night I watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days for the first time! I truly have never had more responses to an Instagram story than when I posted that. I think I was trapped in Julia Roberts’s curls and smile and didn’t watch any late 90s/early 2000s romcoms unless she starred in them, but I’m glad I finally caught this one. It’s obviously a classic for a reason, but I thought it was funny and charming and now I will understand  more pop culture references (my number-one goal). 

Currently listening
I went to the Betty Who concert at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh on Tuesday! I don’t know too much of her music — maybe half a dozen songs? — but still had a blast with Tessa. Betty Who and her band and dancers put on a sensational show that was so joyful and fun; I haven’t been able to stop listening to her since! My cycle class on a Wednesday morning (I was...extremely tired) featured 3 of her songs. 

Currently eating

Currently loving
 Being a member of church choir during Holy Week (so exhausting but so rewarding); going to a hockey game with my Mom; Gilmore Girls trivia(!!); getting my hair washed at the hairdresser; a yoga class that was all about stretching; painting a piano at work; Duke losing!!!