Of Note — April 20

This week has been fairly low key but also productive! I did all my laundry, made a trip to the accountant on Monday to finish up my taxes, tidied my room (though it's dirty again, so that's a work in progress), taught two really great classes, and gave multiple presentations at work.

One of the very best parts of this week was seeing Cecile Richards speak at McIntyre's Books in Fearrington Village on Sunday afternoon. My mom and I went to hear her talk about her new book Make Trouble, a conversation moderated by Michele Tracy Berger (a Women's and Gender Studies professor at Carolina). She was hilarious and engaging. I'm still just dipping my toe back into politics after working at the DNC during the 2016 election. Sometimes I feel bad and like I should be doing more, but I try not to feel too guilty because I know that I needed to take a break for my mental and physical health. But Cecile made me feel really excited about politics again and excited for the fight ahead. Really the best part of the whole thing was that my friend Lauren, whom I met in 2012 during the Obama campaign, wrote the book with her and was also at the event! It was so lovely to catch up with her, even for just a brief moment.

Currently reading
Update from last week — I went hard on the last two books of The Selection series. As in, read the two books in two days. I have heard the next couple books aren't great (they follow a different generation through the Selection), so I'm not chomping at the bit to read them. But I loved The Elite and The One, and I am thrilled with who America ended up with at the end (no spoilers, go read the book). 

Currently watching
NOT BEYONCÉ AT COACHELLA! I assumed, foolishly, that because Coachella was livestreaming on YouTube, it would continue to be available and I could watch it at my leisure. It's not. I can't see it. I'm devastated. I'm sure that the performance will eventually be streaming exclusively on Tidal, and that's how Jay will eventaully get his hooks in me.

Currently listening
On Saturday I am teaching a British Invasion spin class, so there's been a lot of British pop music on the playlists this week. (The class is timed with Queen Elizabeth's 92nd birthday! What better way to celebrate my queen than with by indoor cycling to One Direction and Spice Girls?)

Currently eating
The best salad is the veggies and greens salad kit from Trader Joe's (don't at me). It comes with kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and dried pears; it never gets soggy (because of all the crunchy ingredients) and is so tasty. I add cannellini beans, alfalfa sprouts, shaved almonds, and feta, shake it up in a tupperware with a little balsamic vinaigrette, and bam — have a lunch that I'm somehow happy to eat four days in a row. 

Currently loving
Mo Salah, Jürgen Klopp, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, the labradoodle named Bug that I met on Franklin Street, the blog Cup of Jo, successfully making my first batch of my mom's banana chocolate chip muffins, Erin and Corey moving back this weekend!