May Goals

Another month, another not being able to believe another month has passed. How is it already May!? 

The weird thing about these goal lists is that they are teaching me to be okay with not accomplishing goals. For a really long time, I wouldn't set goals because I was terrified of not meeting them (I am "Hermione on her third-year Defense Against the Dark Arts final" level afraid of failure). In the past couple of years, I have become more comfortable with setting goals at all. But I know that I still have a tendency sometimes to set goals I feel confident I can achieve rather than ones that will actually challenge me.  These lists are pushing me to do more and forcing me to realize that I haven't failed and my life is not over if I don't meet every goal perfectly. As a recovering perfectionist, that's a really important thing to practice!

 Boston, MA; May 2017

Boston, MA; May 2017

Here is what I hoped to accomplish in April 2018:

1. Read three books — including one physical book (not on Kindle!)
I read not three but four books in April! The four that I finished were all on my Kindle, but I am also working on two physical books — The Body Book by Cameron Diaz and Citizen of the World by John English. So this one is done!

2. Visit two independent stores in the Triangle
Once again, this one was a swing and a miss. I did go to an independent book store in Pittsboro (where the Cecile Richards book talk was), but I didn't buy anything. So does that even count? I do want to challenge myself to go to local businesses more often, but I'm not going to push this one again.

3. Go on one podcast walk per week
Once again, I didn't get this one done. My initial goal was to do this during the work day, but I have been struggling to feel okay pulling myself away from my desk — even though I know that I shouldn't, because it can only improve my productivity. But I'm going to expand this a little and maybe try to get these pod walks in on the weekend or after work.

4. Clean my car and get the oil changed
I accomplished half of this goal. My car is still woefully messy (all kinds of coats and jackets and shoes can be found within), but I did get my oil changed and tires rotated. That ended up also involving new brake pads (to the tune of $400), which wasn't ideal but needed to be done. I'll clean (and wash! Now that the pollen has mostly cleared!) in May.

5. Deep clean my bathroom
DONE! This took most of last Saturday, but I tied every single nook and cranny and feel great about it. It won't last, but just accomplishing the task felt great.

6. Continue journaling at least once a week (a habit I added during Lent)
This wasn't necessarily a once-per-week event, but I journaled 3 or 4 times in April, which I am really proud of! It feels like a burden, but once I'm in the middle of it or finished, I feel great.

7. Make an appointment with the eye doctor
Notice how I didn't say "go to the eye doctor" here. I know my limits. I booked the appointment on April 30 (procrastination station over here) and will be going to the doc on May 26 — to one of only FOUR appointments I could choose from for the entire month of May. I don't feel like my eyes have changed too much, but it has been almost 2 years since I've been to the eye doctor so I need to go. I'm also interested in trying contacts...stay tuned.

8. Accomplish a new goal on my 101 things in 1001 days list
I made progress on several but didn't complete any. I know I'll get some done in May for sure though, so carrying this one over!

And here are the new goals for May! Some of them are carry overs from April, and the others are health/physical wellness focused. Like I mentioned above, I'm reading Cameron Diaz's Body Book, which I had previously read about half of and LOVED, but it was 2016 so I never finished. I just haven't been feeling my best lately, and that has really inspired me to focus in on nourishing my body and moving it in a way that will make me feel strong and empowered.

1. Read two books — including one physical book (not on Kindle!)
(I'm lowering this one because one of the physical books I'm reading is pretty long, but I want to dedicate myself to getting through it!)
2. Go on one podcast walk per week
3. Clean my car
4. Accomplish a new goal on my 101 things in 1001 days list
5. Celebrate my cousin's graduation from university
6. Exercise 5 days per week
7. Actually do something to recover on my rest/recovery days (i.e. foam rolling, yoga, stretching — not just sleeping in and watching Netflix at night)
8. Eat meatless at least one day per week
9. Only consume sweets, soda, and french fries on days that have an "R" in them (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
(This may seem — and may be — too restrictive for some people. But after my experience with Whole 30 and my many years of giving up these items for Lent, I know that I need to have pretty firm rules in order to follow through. It works for me, but may not work for you! To each their own!) 
10. Stay hyrdated!

Whew! That's a lot, but I'm excited to jump into what is definitely going to be a fun and exciting month.