Of Note — May 4

We're in that time in central North Carolina where it's perfect — cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, perfect in the evenings, no humidity, no pollen. It'll last approximately 8 days before summer hits, so I'm trying to soak up every moment of it.


Currently reading
Working on three right now — The Dazzling Heights by Katharine McGee (that's the sequel to The Thousandth Floor that I mentioned last week), The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, and Citizen of the World by John English.

Currently watching
If you haven't seen the documentary Jane, you need to check it out ASAP. In the 1960s, a couple of years after Jane Goodall started observing chimpanzees in Tanzania, National Geographic sent a wildlife cameraman to record her work (whom she ended up marrying after an adorable telegram proposal but that's another story). Hugo van Lawick recorded 140 hours of footage that was then lost for SIXTY YEARS in the Nat Geo archives. After it was discovered, Brett Morgen made a documentary, weaving the historical footage with an interview with present-day Jane. It was empowering and inspiring and visually stunning. Everyone needs to see it!

Currently listening
I am finally caught up on the podcast Forever 35. It's two pals, Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir, who talk about serums and lipsticks and self care routines and interview fantastic women about all of those things (and more!). It's one of my new favorites that I love tuning into; I am just a little bummed that I am caught up and can't listen every single day now.

Currently eating
It's warm enough to grill again! This week I made grilled salmon and, at the last minute, threw brussies in the grill basket and cooked those too. That dinner — complemented by a vodka with grapefruit soda water — was a delicious kick off to the summer-ish weather.

Currently loving
Family dinners, having a fixed phone screen (!!!), LIVERPOOL GOING TO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL (!!!!!!), new make up setting powder, eating lunch outside during the work week, popping into an instructor friend's barre class, fresh flowers on my bedside table.