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Of Note — January 19

Of Note — January 19

It's a beautiful week in North Carolina! It snowed almost all day on Wednesday (probably 8am to 8pm) and wound up being about 9 inches. I got to work from home on Wednesday, Thursday, and today. This means that I have yet to be in the office for a whole week this year (the first week of January I was out with a kidney infection, last week I was still not feeling well and worked from home a couple of days). If we make it 5 days next week, it will definitely be a wake up call! I need to make sure I have enough clothes for 5 days in an office...


Currently reading
The Dazzling Heights by Katherine McGee. It's the second book of a trilogy, following The Thousandth Floor, taking place in New York in 2118. It's not exactly dystopian (there's no oppressive evil empire and apparently they still have presidential debates); it's more of a futuristic Gossip Girl. It's silly and easy, and I couldn't put the first book down by the end. They both start with murders but... it's two different murders! (DUN DUN) Can't wait to see what happens.

Currently watching
The first episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came out in March as a part of the Amazon original pilot tests. I watched it (and loved it) then and loved the one-off episode that my favorite podcast, Gilmore Guys, recorded about it. I watched the whole show in December but slept through more than half of it, so this week I finally stayed awake for its entirety. It is slightly annoying that people are acting like that Amy Sherman-Palladino just sprung out of the ground and this is the first time she's ever written a quick-talking witty brunette, but regardless — it's phenomenal. It is hilarious and smart and heartfelt. The costumes are beautiful and pacing is perfect. Highly, highly recommend

Currently listening
I go through phases with listening to podcasts — I'll listen to lots of different ones, or I'll listen exclusively to old episodes of Gilmore Guys. (What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.)  This week I've put on a bunch of old episodes of The Axe Files (Gayle King, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Hanks) and the Spotify "All Out 00s" playlist to prep for my Wayback Wednesday spin class next week.

Currently eating
It's Whole30 day 18! The snow days have been a challenge, because all I've wanted to do is drink hot chocolate and snack while I'm working from home and bingeing TV. So I guess Whole30 is a good thing, because it's helping me recognize that and helping me make healthy choices! I cooked a spaghetti meat sauce with zoodles that was pretty good, and I made buffalo chicken meatballs that were phenomenal. They're all gone now, and I'm low-key devastated.

Currently loving
Sleeping with the windows open so I wake up to the snow, taking sunset walks in the snow to the grocery store, refusing to take down my Christmas tree.

Of Note — January 26

Of Note — January 26

NYR 2018

NYR 2018