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Of Note — October 5

Of Note — October 5

Folks, let me tell you — I am not happy to be back in North Carolina. Yes I love my bed, yes I love eastern standard time, yes I love not spending $30 per meal. But BOY do I ever wish I was still on vacation and/or in Hawaii. I’ve taken exactly zero pictures this week while back in NC, so please enjoy some more snaps of paradise from last weekend.

Currently reading
 This week I finished A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole and From the Corner of the Oval by Beck Dorey-Stein. With the first I accidentally stumbled upon my first romance novel (Whoops! But fun for the beach!); it was cliched romcom but definitely enjoyable. I absolutely adored From the Corner of the Oval. It’s the memoir of a White House stenographer from 2012-2017, her story of the president and her career and her friends and her love life. I spent half of my time reading it trying to figure out the real people that she’d switched the names of and half of my time dreaming about the campaigns on which I’ve worked. Please go read it; Beck is a beautiful writer of a story that made me laugh and cry. I’m now reading Belgravia by Julian Fellowes (of Downton Abbey fame), will report back.

Currently watching
Not much new this week, but I have booked tickets to go see A Star is Born with my siblings on Sunday afternoon! I know a few people who have seen it already, and they have only fantastic things to say, so I’m even more excited for the film. The up-and-comer/bedraggled star is reminding me of Country Strong (which I only vaguely remember), and anything will be better than that.

Currently listening
The cycle class I’m leading this weekend is “Billboard Hot 100” themed (don’t blame me for being basic; I can’t stop listening to “The Middle” and thought it would be fun to do popular songs. Here’s a link to Billboard’s playlist that’s the base of mine. Mine isn’t quite finished yet, but I’m excited for the ride.

Currently eating
 One of the best things I had in Hawaii was one of the last things I had in Hawaii — rolled ice cream! I first heard of it two and a half years ago, when visited my friend Megan in New York. We didn’t try it that weekend (we had this magic/monstrosity instead), but I have wanted to try it since then. Despite new places opening 10 minutes from my house and 5 minutes from my office, I still hadn’t gone. No more! I ordered strawberry with graham cracker and nutella, and it was phenomenal. It was made fresh right in front of your eyes (seriously, he chopped up a strawberry to make it strawberry ice cream) and was so tasty. The video below is a quick time lapse of the process. I have to go to one of the spots near me soon.

Currently loving
 The screen time limits on iOS 12, this NY Times Magazine article about The Good Place (oh you thought I’d go all post without mentioning the show? Do you even know me?), cauliflower gnocchi with chicken sausage and asparagus, Snapfish photo books, blue aviators, my coworker announcing his wife’s pregnancy (I wept), leftover chicken lo mein, my diffuser, candles.

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Get Out the Vote 2018

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