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101 in 1001: Update 2

101 in 1001: Update 2

It’s been an entire year since I started doing my 101 things in 1001 days list! Rather than a regular Of Note post, I’m bringing update #2 of the list. I’m proud of sticking to it for this long (I had a failed attempt in 2015 that lasted about 3 months), and I’m excited at how it’s pushed me to do things I might not usually. I’ve completed 21 things off the list (that’s 10 more since my last update), leaving 80 left to finish (and 19 longer-term ones are in progress). At the start of the summer and fall I sat down and broke out which ones I thought I could specifically do during those seasons; even if I didn’t do them all it was a fun way to try to plan for a few months of time. I can’t wait to keep crossing things off my list — I need to get cracking on the 3 new countries.

8. Take a trip alone
San Diego was my first solo trip! I tacked it onto the end of a conference to ease into it, but I did it and loved it. I’m not chomping at the bit to do another solo journey (I think I’m ultimately too social a person to be a regular solo traveler), but I would do it again for sure.

19. Go to a Liverpool FC match 
I went, I cried, it was magical. I am still waiting to make it to Anfield Road (maybe with friends or family next August? I’m thinking about it.), but for now I am counting the preseason match in Charlotte as having seen the Reds in person.

21. Go to a Carolina football game
Carolina played Virginia Tech on October 13 and, predictably, lost the game. I went for work (it was the day after University Day, and we were still celebrating UNC’s 225th birthday), so I watched from the sidelines and from the photo deck above the stadium. I popped in to visit with different friends who were there, and it was a blast to be in the student section for one Carolina touchdown. It was a night game — super rare for our bad team and super fun until the final scoreline.

29. Go to the beach
Why make it to a North Carolina beach 2 hours from home when instead you can fly 4,000 miles to lay on the beaches of Oahu. Go big or go home, right? (I still do want to go to an NC beach soon. Maybe sometime this spring?)

30. Go sailing
When I was in San Diego, my big treat to myself (an early birthday present, I guess?) was going on a sunset sail. It was not very windy so “sailing” is a generous term, but I was on a sailboat on the water and had an absolutely lovely time.

57. Take vitamins every day for a month 
I try to take a daily vitamin, but I’m not always consistent with it. I wrote “vitamin 6/17” on my mirror on June 17, and I followed through. I looked up on July 19 and realized I had done it. It’s still not every day (I’m only human) but I’m much more consistent now.

59. Find a daily moisturizer with SPF
This item changed a little in my mind because of the podcast Forever35. One of their guests, an esthetician, basically said that moisturizer with SPF is for chumps (she didn’t actually say that; she was much kinder). Wearing any SPF is fantastic, but it’s more effective if you separate your products and use an SPF on its own. Plus, I feel like my hydroserum gives me enough moisturizer without needing another product for that. So I purchased the Supergoop Glow Stick at Urban Outfitters when I had a gift card and love it. I also tried their mineral sunscreen stick, but I didn’t like it as much (and lost it in San Diego — whoops!).

72. Bake a birthday cake for someone
I lied to Haley and said I was hanging out with my sister the day before her birthday so that I could make her a cake! I ended up having to go to my sister’s to make it (so it wasn’t that big a fib) and then went to Mariah and Vaughn’s (the original planned location) to ice, decorate, and leave it once Vaughn got back from dinner. Funfetti — it was delicious!

81. Watch the sunset
San Diego didn’t really come through for this one (okay, sure “Sunset” Cliffs), but Hawaii absolutely did.

90. Get a raise
Every year, state employees get a nominal raise, which I wasn’t looking forward to counting as this thing. But I didn’t have to! That 1 or 2% happened, and I got a promotion in August and with it came a new title and a 10% raise! I wasn’t expecting it at all and was thrilled. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m saving (I switched my savings account to a different bank, and now that it’s not automatic I’m much less deliberate with it, which is not great), so I’m a work in progress.

Of Note — October 26

Of Note — October 26