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March Goals

March Goals

I can't believe we're already two months into 2018. Time has flown by!

Washington, DC; March 2016

Washington, DC; March 2016

Here is what I hoped to accomplish in February 2018:

  1. Give a killer toast and celebrate Erin and Corey at their wedding
    Been there, done that, nailed it.

  2. Read two books
    I read three books this month! This Lullaby, To All the Boys I'ved Love Before, and P.S. I Still Love You. They were all pretty light reads and a good way to get back in the swing of things after not picking up a book for awhile.

  3. Celebrate happy occasions in friends' lives (especially 2 birthdays and an engagement party)
    I celebrated Claire's birthday from afar (sending a care package for her to Boone), sang the night away for Tessa's karoke birthday party, and toasted to Brooke and Andrew's impending nuptials. A very joyful month indeed.

  4. Watch the Duke game with friends
    Upheld almost all my superstitions, had a blast watching with friends, and rushed Franklin after a Carolina victory! Go to hell Duke!

  5. Watch the Olympics
    So many medals for Canada! I continue to be both upset and okay with the NHL's decision not to allow their players to participate in the Olympics. It was dumb, hurt viewership of hockey both in the NHL and at the Olympics, and serioiously decreased the skill level of the competition. But those cute cute guys who finally had their Team Canada dreams come true...that's pretty cool. I loved truly everything about the Olympics, but the highlight was probably Tessa and Scott's gold in ice dancing.

  6. Decide on intentional sacrifices and/or additions for Lent
    As per usual, I gave up sweets, soda, and french fries for Lent. This year I also added in doing a weekly Lenten reflection in my journal, which I have upheld so far and really enjoy doing.

  7. See a movie in theatres
    Black Panther was lit. I already need to go see it again.

And here are the new goals for March:

  1. Read two books

  2. Visit two independent stores in the Triangle

  3. Prepare and file taxes

  4. Reorganize and style bookshelves in my bedroom

  5. Go on one podcast walk per week

  6. Use my new MoviePass

Of Note — March 2

Of Note — March 2

Of Note — February 23

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