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Of Note — March 16

Of Note — March 16

March Madness is one of the best (if not the best) times of the year in North Carolina. It is so much fun, and it's especially great working at UNC during this time. The best thing about late basketball games is going out wearing jerseys, and the best thing about March Madness is going to work wearing jerseys.

Currently reading
I finished A Wrinkle in Time! It is my first of five classics that I am challenging myself to read on my 101 things list. It is a great but weird book (I'm not much for scifi in general, and I didn't realize just how scifi this was), but I did really enjoy it. Meg is a spunky character, and I know if I had read this as a young girl I would have especially connected to her. The movie isn't getting stellar reviews, but I am still looking forward to seeing it. 

Currently watching
Basketball, basketball, basketball. 

Currently listening
To every One Shining Podcast episode I can get my hands on and to my own March Madness/Go Heels spin class playlist.

Currently eating
I've had bagel bites for dinner multiple days this week. This is 24? I also certainly did not eat any pie this week (Lent problems), but Wednesday was Pi Day! I commissioned one of my coworkers to make a pie for some content that I envisioned, and the GIF turned out even better than I could imagine.


Currently loving
Watching basketball with friends, catching up with the sisters of the sisterhood of the traveling pants, the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer (despite some problems I have with it — YOU CANNOT APPARATE AT HOGWARTS), and THIS VIDEO of a puppy who wears a life jacket and forgets how to pup. It is perfect.

Of Note — March 23

Of Note — March 23

Of Note — March 9

Of Note — March 9