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Of Note — March 23

Of Note — March 23

This is the latest that I can ever remember having snow in North Carolina. It wasn't much, and it didn't stick to much, but it made for a few magical Boomerangs. I think we're really done with winter now and ready for the flowers to really bloom (famous last words, probably).

Currently reading
I started and finished The Hate U Give this week. It's the first novel by Angie Thomas that came out about a year ago, and I've been wanting to read it since then. I finally, finally, got around to it and it was phenomenal.

Currently watching
Mostly just watching and rewatching the video clip of Roy Williams saying he's not ashamed to admit he loves Joel Berry and Theo Pinson and crying pretty much every single time.

Currently listening
There is a new podcast from Goop (called... The Goop Podcast). The first episode was Gwyneth interviewing Oprah, so obviously I was extremely into that. We're a couple weeks in, and I think I will continue listening but with a healthy dose of skepticism — as I approach most things coming out of Goop. I love health and wellness and beauty and all the trends within. Some of Goop's content is fascinating, some of it is bananas, some of it is both. 

Currently eating
Because this isn't a section necessarily for what I'm loving — I made a batch of Honey Siracha Glazed meatballs this week that were just okay. They turned out kind of dry, so I'm having a hard time motivating myself to finish the batch. I think I want to try making them again, but next time I'll do a little more soy sauce and a little less siracha. and I'll mix this sauce in with the meat, rather than baking the meatballs and then just coating them in it. I think getting it all the way through may help make them less dry.

Currently loving
Getting ready for work with my sister via FaceTIme on her birthday, cold weather and some snow flurries during the first 2 days of spring, sunny days immediately following that, Sister Jean from Loyola Chicago, getting lots of sleep to recover from a cold.

Of Note — March 30

Of Note — March 30

Of Note — March 16

Of Note — March 16