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Of Note — March 9

Of Note — March 9

I'm not really sure how every single one of these of note posts have wound up having a sunset/sunrise picture as the main photo. I need to vary the subjects of my pictures, clearly.


Currently reading
My goal was to finish A Wrinkle In Time before this weekend so I could go see the movie (I have, embarrassingly, never read the book). I realized one of the reasons why it's been tough for me to do — it's not on my Kindle. The easiest time for me to settle down and read is before bed, and I like to do that by turning off all my lights and reading on my back-lit Kindle as I fall asleep. I ordered the actual physical book of A Wrinkle In Time, so I've been less inclined to leave my lamp on to read. It's a good thing for me to know, since I've got approximately a million books that I own the physical copy of but haven't read. It would be a good thing for me to carve out time to just sit in the living room and read a good book — novel concept (pun intended).

Currently watching
It's March, baby, let's dance! This week is ACC tournament (tonight will be the 2nd Duke game in 6 days...my poor heart can't handle it), and the Big Dance kicks off next week. Go Heels, go America!

Currently listening
Two new podcasts — Keep It and Forever 35. Keep It is from Crooked Media (the same company that produces Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, and others) and talks about pop culture and politics. Forever 35 is two friends talking about "things we do to take care of ourselves" — self care and skin care and exercise and make up and more. I've only listened to a couple of episodes of each, but I like them! They're different than what I usually listen to, so they're nice to add to the rotation.

Currently eating
Out, all freaking week. It hasn't been the most economical thing to do. But I didn't do any meal planning over the weekend, and then this week I have been bopping all over the place. Eating out all the time kind of stresses me out, but it's also been nice to share meals and spend time with different people. Two of the highlights included lunch at Chili's with Chelsey (god we love Chili's) and eating out last night with my team at the Addy Awards in Raleigh. UNC won two silver awards for marketing materials for the Campaign for Carolina, so it was a big and exciting evening!

Currently loving
Winning ACC tournament basketball games, wildly successful social content at work (spoiler alert: those first two are related), rehearsing choir music for Holy Week and Easter.

Of Note — March 16

Of Note — March 16

Of Note — March 2

Of Note — March 2