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When Harry Met Meghan

When Harry Met Meghan

I am not even a little ashamed to admit that I love the Royal Family and I loved the Royal Wedding. Tudor England is the first period of history I was ever fascinated by, and I was pretty upset that in my four years as a history major at UNC, there was a Tudor England class that was always on the course catalog but never actually taught. That love continues to the modern-day monarchy, and I tune in for all of their events, big and small. Don't believe the obsession? Take a peek at my phone:

(Funny story about the home screen of the Queen — on New Year's Eve, I was at a bar waiting to get a drink and just playing on my phone. A guy standing next to me looks over, sees my screen, and says, "Your grandma is really cute!" I smiled back at him and said, "Thank you." My grandmother the Queen, ladies and gentlemen.)

I listen to several pop culture podcasts, and many have touched on the wedding in their recent episodes. On one, a host said that she didn't care about the wedding because she just didn't care about anyone's wedding, really. And while I get that point of view, I'm totally the opposite. Not only is it beautiful to watch two people who love each other make those promises to each other, but I am also very into the Episcopal Church. Harry and Meghan were married in the Church of England, which leads the worldwide Anglican Communion — which the Episcopal Church is part of. So the service, the readings, the music are all familiar and meaningful to me. And, of course, the address was given by the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Like I mentioned last Friday, he was my bishop growing up, and I knew he'd come through on the sermon (which, he did. Duh.). 

Also, just look at how in love they are:


How can you not love that?

So, let's get into it.

The dress was good. I don't often find myself agree with Katy Perry, but she commented that it could have used one more fitting — and I agree. It was absolutely gorgeous, but looked a little loose in the arms and bodice. I'd guess that the stress of family drama meant a few extra pounds lost for Meghan, so it was just a little loose. And really — WHO CARES. She is stunning and looked so beautiful. It wasn't what I expected from her (much simpler and understated), but I still adored it. And her evening dress was sensational. They looked like a Bond couple headed to party, honestly.

The music was stunning. Sheku Kanneh-Mason is the nineteen-year-old cellist who performed, and I can't stop listening to his playlist on Spotify. The gospel choir looked and sounded so brilliant, and I can't even BEGIN to talk about the "Amen" and "This Little Light of Mine" that they performed at the end of the ceremony as Harry and Meghan walked outside. One of the many times I cried!

The sermon was incredible. I heard some people saying they thought Bishop Curry was grandstanding or showing off, but let me tell you — that was restrained for him. He has literally run around my childhood church singing "This Little Light of Mine" in his sermon before, so the fact that he stayed at the lectern was impressive. His message of love above all else is absolutely true to him and what the world needed to hear. 

I still want to know: if Serena really crushed beer pong at the after party, how Guy got there, how Bogart feels, where they're going for their honeymoon, why the cast of Suits wasn't invited to the evening reception, what was included in Idris Elba's DJ set, why Meghan was running late that morning, the contact information for that gospel choir, how I can embody the badass presence of Doria.

My two favorite photographs are the two below. I can hardly stand how gorgeous the light is in both of them; the first time I saw them both, they took my breath away.

From the blogs and podcasts and conversations I consume, I know that there are people out there who were skeptical about this match. And I'm not going to say I wasn't one of them, because then I'd be lying. But I'm all in on them now. Even if it isn't real, boy do they sell it. They're a joy to see together, so as long as they are (appear) happy, I'm happy.

I'm a total nerd for how much I love this weirdo Royal Family, but truly I don't even care. They're glamorous and charitable and antiquated and privileged and all kinds of contradictions, but I love them. So cheers to Meghan and Harry and a lifetime of at least tolerating one another's company.


(All images gratuitously yanked off of as many Twitter accounts from which I could get content. I was a monster consuming all of it over the weekend. Please don't sue me; literally no one reads this.)

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