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101 in 1001: Update 1

101 in 1001: Update 1

It's June 26th, and I am officially 25% of the way through my allotted 1001 days for my list. So far I have completed 11 items, and I'm in progress on 16 items. Having 90 items left to go feels like a lot, so I'm excited take the chance to look over the list closely and figure out which of these I can accomplish over the summer. 

1. Come up with 101 things 
Really teed up an easy one with #1. But hey, it's my first list! And it's actually kind of hard to come up with 101 things that feel fun and challenging but not completely insane. I tried to do this the first time in 2015 and just didn't stick with it, so I'm really proud of how committed I am to the list this time.

15. Go to an NHL game 
My mom and I had a blast when the Ottawa Senators visited the Carolina Hurricanes in March. The Senators lost (which they ALWAYS seem to do when they come to Raleigh; it feels like they're torturing me), but they lost most games this season so you can't really blame them. The massage therapist for the Hurricanes is from Ottawa, and his mom works for my mom's best friend, so we got the tickets through him. It was extremely kind, and I am very grateful.

24. Go to a Carolina Performing Arts show 
I have been to a few CPA shows (but counted a couple as concerts, so I'll leave those out from here). The Parable of the Sower was in November and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis — Big Band Holidays in December were both such a joy. Wynton Marsalis especially was the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit.

26. Go hiking 
Woo buddy my hiking adventure in Iona... 10 miles hiked, a few dozen cows photographed, and one peat bog fallen into. What a time.

28. Go rock climbing 
I went rock climbing over Memorial Day! I was so sore after the fact but had a blast. Triangle Rock Club is building a new gym in Durham, pretty close to my apartment. Hopefully that project is finished soon, and I'll be able to rock climb a little more regularly. Got get those little finger muscles working!

32. Go skiing 
We went to Snowshoe, West Virginia, for my sister's bachelorette party in over New Years and spent 2 days skiing. I fell once when I was just walking to go put my skis on (coordination in general isn't my strong suit) and was mowed down by a snowboarder once (they're the worst). I always forget how much I love skiing until I'm back on the slopes. And I always forget how much skiing hurts my knees and shins until I've been on the slopes for 20 minutes. 

43. See a musical on Broadway 
My parents and I saw Come From Away on Broadway about a month ago, and I'm still obsessed. I wish there were more videos of them performing online. I also already have tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway next April with my mom and sister (we Burke gals plan ahead), and if I can try to figure out a way to see Springsteen on Broadway I will. 

52. Try a new fitness class 
I went to Orangetheory Fitness for the first time on December 12, and I love it. I've been going to 8 classes/month since then, but I upgraded my membership this month so now I can go to an unlimited number of classes. It will be really handy when I travel to San Diego for work next month, and Erin and I helped my mom pick our AirBnB for Christmas in Ottawa already — it's conveniently close to both OTF and a spin studio there we love! I've finished this goal, but I want to try a boxing class too.

53. Teach indoor cycling 
I knew I'd start teaching at Ride before I wrote this list, so this one was also a bit of a gimme. But, more than 6 months later, I'm still teaching (usually two classes a week!) and still loving it. It can be intimidating and scary and challenging, but very rewarding. I'm planning to write more about it soon!

87. Be in a wedding 
Also a bit of a gimme — my sister's wedding was on the books before I came up with the list. But I performed my duties as maid of honor (including giving a killer toast), and I'll be a bridesmaid in another wedding (my friend Brooke's) this December. Basically crushing the bridesmaid game all around.

96. Make a plan for my DNC 401(k) 
When I started this list, my 401(k) from my time working at the DNC was just sitting there, and I had no idea what to do with it. They forced my timing by sending me a letter saying it would be cashed out, so I had to make a decision about what to do. I transferred the money to a traditional IRA with Betterment, which I think has served me well so far. I've also taken the chance to learn more about my money and have started thinking about what I want to do/how I want to organize my finances once I've reached my first savings goal.

Check out the page where I'm keeping track of everything for the full list, including the progress I'm making on 16 other goals and what I have left to do.

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