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Autumn Goals

Autumn Goals

I'm officially taking a new approach to setting goals throughout the year. Monthly was starting to feel overwhelming, so I am now going to do it once a quarter as a combination of goals/seasonal bucket list. Some of these are health goals, some are activities, and several of them cross items off my 101 things in 1001 days list. I’ll try to update my goals around the same day in December, March, and June. Happy fall!

  • Plan for and enjoy my trip to Hawaii

  • Help plan and enjoy my friend’s bachelorette weekend in Asheville

  • Vote in the midterm election

  • Volunteer in the midterm election

  • Practice getting to bed at a better time

  • Drink more water

  • Exercise 4x per week

  • Ride my bike at least 2x per month

  • Read six books

  • Carve pumpkins

  • Send thankful notes around Thanksgiving

  • Spend a day volunteering as a family around Thanksgiving

  • Go to a Carolina football game

  • Go to a Carolina soccer game

  • Sign up for Poshmark and sell old clothes that I don’t wear anymore

carolina football
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