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Of Note — January 11

Of Note — January 11

I took exactly zero new pictures this week, so please enjoy some greatest hits of young Morgan. As I mentioned when talking about Christmas in Canada, my nana’s 90th birthday is coming up, so we’re going through old family photos to pull together a slideshow from the party. Things learned — my uncle Marco and I are very photogenic together, and I am generally making a ridiculous face. Enjoy!

Currently reading
I finished The Dinner List (predictable but charming), have kicked off My Year of Rest and Relaxation, and I’m still plugging along on Becoming. If I’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that I really do read more when I’m on the Kindle. It’s easier for me to take a book on the go, to fall asleep reading, to pull it out in a couple of relaxing minutes when a book is mobile (rather than hardback). Finishing Becoming by Michelle’s birthday (the 17th) feels bold, but (new goal!) I will finish it by the end of her birthday month.

Currently watching
Last night was the second show of the Broadway touring season at the Durham Performing Arts Center! We saw Fiddler on the Roof which I very much enjoyed. I have never seen Fiddler (the show or the movie). I was thinking about it, and my only exposure to it is (1) the season 5 episode of Gilmore Girls when Stars Hollow Elementary plus Kirk perform it, (2) Lin-Manuel Miranda’s surprise performance at his wedding reception, and (3) Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl.” Turns out I knew a lot more of the plot than I thought I would with just those three things! The show was great — Tevye in particular was a stand out.

Currently listening
Still West Wing Weekly. Sorry/not sorry.

Currently eating
I continue to love the restaurant NanaSteak in Durham. It’s right beside the Durham Performing Arts Center, so my mom and I usually head there before a show for dinner and drinks (though no drinks for me because I’m doing Dry January). They make very good mussels — a dish I love and have never made/would never make at home. Yum!

Currently loving
Finding the picture below from my 7th birthday party and feeling so lucky that Brooke and Megan are still my best friends and that I can stand by them during a tough week.

Of Note — January 18

Of Note — January 18

Of Note — January 4

Of Note — January 4