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Of Note — January 18

Of Note — January 18

Last weekend I went to an exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art called The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe + Contemporary Art. My best friend and I have been trying to go since the exhibition opened in October, and we finally made it on the second-to-last weekend it’s here. I loved it, both the O’Keeffe (who — the curators took pain to mention multiple times — was not painting flowers as sex organs) and the other artists. There was one work in particular that I stared at for ages — “Light Atlas” by Cynthia Daignault is comprised of 360 works, one representing every 25 miles of a road trip around America. From far away they looked like photographs, but I stood up close and personal to see all the intricate details. It was amazing.

Currently reading
 My Year of Rest and Relaxation (weird so far; I’m not very far in, and I am very confused) and Becoming (slow but steady wins the race).

Currently watching
I don’t know what it is right now about me falling back into high school favorites, but I haven’t watched West Wing in a week because I am knee-deep in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. At work one day we were talking about how very few people look good with a mustache and no beard when one of my coworkers brought up the time that a CSI character had the mot god-awful stache. Suddenly I was flooded with CSI mems and just had to watch an episode. Well that one episode has turned into about a dozen so far. Here’s hoping I don’t discover a great pod about this show and lose myself even more.

Currently listening
With the slight West Wing hiatus I’m taking, I’ve also paused on The West Wing Weekly. It’s given me a chance to catch up on some podcasts I’ve fallen behind on. So it’s been a week of Forever 35, Keep It, BBC Friday Night Comedy, and The Ringer FC. I’ve still got about 200 unplayed episodes from the last several weeks; we’ll see if I ever get around to listening to them.

Currently eating
I went to a pizza place in Durham, Tre Forni, that I’ve been hearing excellent things about but never had a chance to visit. The very first pizza on their menu is my literal dream za — white pizza with mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, pecorino romano, and basil. I dieeeeed it was so very tasty.

Currently loving
My new iPad, Brooke’s wedding pictures, pretty winter sunrises, celebrating my coworker’s birthday, the UDO jam band, Candida Höfer in Mexico.

Of Note — January 25

Of Note — January 25

Of Note — January 11

Of Note — January 11