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Of Note — January 25

Of Note — January 25

It’s been a very athletic and very musical week — last Friday I went to the Ottawa Senators vs. Carolina Hurricanes hockey game (Sens won! Shocking!) and on Monday night went to the Carolina basketball game (Heels won! Hooray!). On Tuesday I saw the L.A. Master Chorale at Memorial Hall at UNC, on Wednesday I had choir rehearsal, and last night was the second DPAC show of the season (Miss Saigon). I am very much looking forward to a chill weekend.

Currently reading
Welp, I waited too long and the library took back My Year of Rest and Relaxation from my Kindle. I jumped back on the waiting list, but it’ll be a minute before I have it back. I put my Kindle on airplane mode to keep the books I currently do have — The Last Mrs. Parrish (for a book club with ladies from work that we’re kicking off in February) and The Friend. My roommate is out of town this weekend so, assuming I get my work done in a timely manner for the online class I’m taking, I plan on spending a lot of time reading.

Currently watching
Y’all — I CANNOT with The Good Place season finale. I watched it before work this morning (it aired at 3am here because of a basketball game on NBC), and I cried off alllllll my makeup and had to redo it. I love that show, Eleanor is a legit snack, and it gives me so much joy. I hate that this show only has 13 episodes per season, but I love that it’s going to be very easy for me to rewatch all 39 episodes of the series a dozen times before season 4 kicks off in September.

Currently listening
My favorite royal style commentator, Elizabeth Holmes (not the evil scamming blood testing one), was on one of my very favorite pods, Forever 35, this week. Check it out here for chat on fandom as self care and many other things. I love hearing Elizabeth and Doree talk about their IVF journeys — I don’t think I know anyone personally who has gone through IVF, so it’s fascinating to learn about and really helps me become more thoughtful when talking about preganancy and families.

Currently eating
I just finished my first week of Freshly, and I really liked it a lot! It’s a meal delivery service that sends you meals fully cooked that you can microwave and have ready in just three minutes. I want to love cooking, I really do, but more than anything I like convenience. Convenience rocks. And the first Freshly meals I’ve received have been delicious (albeit a little small) and so easy.

Currently loving
My new iPad (and the Apple pencil), a beautiful light pink Rent the Runway coat, Eleanor and Chidi, babysitting a sweet little 19-month-old girl, golden retriever puppies at bars, winning foosball, Oscar nominations coming out, a Monday off of work, The Favourite, Kit Kat minis, marinated kale salad, leadership at UNC, being just a few days away from another trip to Canada!

Skating on the Rideau Canal

Skating on the Rideau Canal

Of Note — January 18

Of Note — January 18