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Of Note — March 8

Of Note — March 8

Greetings from Whistler, British Columbia! It’s been such a fun week so far, with lots of skiing and good food and family time. This is our last day here, we’ll spend the weekend in Vancouver, and fly home from Seattle on Monday. I think I already have the Sunday scaries.

Currently reading
On the Come Up came in on my Kindle right as our vacation kicked off. It’s Angie Thomas’s second book (I read her first, The Hate U Give last year and loved it). This novel is about another teenager who lives in the same neighborhood as Starr and references the events of The Hate U Give (Starr’s friend being killed by the police and the riots that occurred in their neighborhood). Bri Jackson is a 16-year-old high school student who wants to be a rapper. She struggles with how to reach her goals, her family’s poverty, racism at school, and friendships. She’s tough yet vulnerable and an insanely compelling narrator. I love this book and can’t wait to finish it this weekend. A reviewer on GoodReads wrote, “It’s Angie Thomas’ world and she’s just allowing us to live in it.” Couldn’t agree more!!

Currently watching
My dad brought seasons 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones on DVD to Canada. I think it’s…ambitious to think we’ll touch season 2, but we’ll finish season 1 for sure. I started rewatching the show last year ahead of the new season but fell off track. So now I’m back with a VENGEANCE. It’s 67 episodes (though I’m down to 58) before April 14. Let’s goooooo.

Currently listening
I looooove skiing with headphones in. I pop them in one ear and leave the other one free (got to be able to hear those snowboarders bombing dangerously down behind you), and you’ve got your own personal soundtrack on the slopes. I made this playlist to listen to — mostly just a mashup of a bunch of favorite songs to cycle to.

Currently eating
The poutine at the lodges at Whistler Blackcomb is DOPE. I’ve brought a sandwich most days for lunch (because food at the ski hill is also expensive, but I knew I’d get poutine at least one day. That was yesterday, and I am sooooo happy with my decision. I already miss it.

Currently loving
Bananagrams, my new ski jacket, taking off my ski boots, hot tubs, Monty and Bodie, Robb Stark, a sunny day in Seattle, ferry boats, Procreate, my new ski googles, maple taffy, hot chocolate, postcards, rear seat heaters.

Of Note — March 15

Of Note — March 15

Of Note — March 1

Of Note — March 1