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Of Note — April 12

Of Note — April 12

Hello from Ottawa! I didn’t expect to be here again so soon, but sad news brings me north — my uncle (mom’s brother) passed away last week so I am here for his funeral. It’s been a long, long week before this. New York was fun though always a little tiring (especially getting back so late on Sunday night). Tuesday was our 24-hour giving day at Carolina, so I worked 24 hours within a 28 hour period. I’m totally exhausted, but I’m very glad to be here and be able to celebrate Terry’s life this weekend. Always so grateful for my sweet family. 

Currently reading
I’m still picking my way through Crown of Midnight (we’re approaching ~ turn the Kindle on airplane mode ~ territory) as I’m trying to race through all the Game of Thrones content before season 8. A Thrones article I loved this week is this piece from The Ringer — “How Game of Thrones Became the Last Piece of Monoculture.” It’s a very interesting look at the fandom surrounding the books and show and how the series has reached such cultural prominence.

Currently watching
Friends — we did it. I just finished season 7, episode 7 of Game of Thrones. In a little less than six weeks I watched 67 episodes of Game of Thrones (which also happens to be crossing another item off my 101 things list!) and listened to 67 episodes of Binge Mode. I am so ready for Sunday’s premiere. I honestly have no clue what’s going to happen, and I think I’m happy with almost any outcome. As long as it feels well executed and intentional, I think I can find a way to be pleased with anything. But also for the love of the old gods and the new, please try to keep Davos and Lyanna Mormont safe.

Currently listening
Lots of Hamilton on the brain this week! I saw the show on Saturday night for the third time (just as incredible, if not more so, than the other turns), and last night I went to a Hamilton-themed spin class at the studio where I teach. The instructor included songs from the mixtape, which I definitely don’t listen to enough. This one is my favorite.

Currently eating
Shouts to the dinner I had at Eataly on Saturday night that I am still thinking about. Great red wine, great mozzarella, great pasta (pappardelle con funghi and ravioli fillies with ricotta & spinach served with lemon butter and pistachios). I would love to figure out a way to duplicate that meal. I’m not very good at just experimenting with cooking for fun. I’d like to get better at that. Also had my first dim sum experience in New York! Very grateful to Erin’s coworkers who took us, ordered for us, and encouraged me to try a little bit of everything.

Currently loving
Liverpool victories, red wine when it’s raining, raising $6 million in 24 hours, golden retrievers, SoulCycle, eggs over easy, foil balloons, sunsets, an Iron Throne bracket at work, the opportunity to see Hamilton (such an incredible piece of art) so many times.

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