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101 in 1001: One Year to Go

101 in 1001: One Year to Go

I’m not entirely sure how I got to having only 365 (or 366? I’m not sure since next year is a leap year…) days left to finish my list! I’ll be done on July 16, 2020, and while I don’t think I’ll cross everything off my list, I’m hoping to get at least halfway there. I’ve got a lot to accomplish in the next 12 months, but I’m excited to keep at it!

Accomplished: 33
In progress: 19
Remaining: 68
And, as a reminder, here’s my first post with the whole list!

2. Take a trip with my family
The six of us went out west (imagine my best manifest destiny joke here) in March 2019 for a skiing trip in Whistler, British Columbia. We spent a day in Seattle and a day in Vancouver on either end, and it was a wonderful time to hang out as a family. I learned that even though I’ve been skiing since I was itty bitty, I like it in theory a lot more than in practice — my feet just hurt constantly. New boots might be in my future before another trip!

22. Go to a Carolina baseball game
Chelsey helped me check this one off my list this spring! The Heels lost by an embarrassing amount (we left before the end so I’m not even sure what the final score was), but they won the other games in the series. I guess I’m bad baseball luck? Unfortunate, because I had a great time!

23. Go to a Carolina soccer game
The Carolina women’s soccer team played in the national championship game in Cary on December 2, 2018, and I went with my mom and brother. They lost to Florida State 0-1, which was heartbreaking. A fun part of the game was when my brother was walking around the concourse and literally ran straight into Roy Williams. Whoops!

31. Go zip lining
This was the one activity that I pushed really hard for on our family trip to Whistler. I couldn’t convince my parents to join us, but it was their loss — we had a BLAST! I want to do it again soon, maybe in the North Carolina mountains this fall.

34. Skate on the Rideau Canal
I skated on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa this February — read about it here!

40. Read 50 new-to-me books
Can’t believe I finished this one so early! Check out all the books I read here.

45. Re-watch Game of Thrones from the beginning
If you go back and check my “Of Note” posts in March and April, you know that I rewatched every episode of Game of Thrones (and listened to every episode of the Binge Mode podcast) before the final season started in April. It was an undertaking (I basically consumed no other content for 6 weeks), but it was amazing to revisit my favorite show of the past 6 years. I miss you already, Thrones.

46. Watch Parks & Recreation from start to finish
I can’t believe I’d never watched the whole show! I loved it. I need to do a little more introspection to decide what my favorite episode is, but I absolutely adored the season 6 finale with the Unity Concert. One of the Parks writers, Aisha Muharar (who I want to be my best friend, NBD), was a frequent guest on my favorite podcast Gilmore Guys. It was fun to remember her talking about that episode in particular once I’d actually watched it.

47. Watch all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars
I’ve been wanting to do this forever (even before my list) and am glad to finally check it off! I’m extremely glad there were no Jordan Peele movies nominated because I do NOT do scary movies. My pick was The Favourite. I was disappointed it didn’t get the top prize but was thrilled that Olivia Coleman was Best Actress (and fun fact — Olivia was nominated for an Emmy today!). I also loved Black Panther and Blackkklansman and was annoyed that Green Book won, but overall I enjoyed my time watching all the films.

63. Vote in the 2018 election
Voting is very important and the best and WOW if the past few weeks haven’t proved that we need to do it all the time. I was proud to vote and proud to help some friends vote (including one who’d never voted in a midterm before! I couldn’t be happier).

82. Paint with watercolors
A painting studio opened in the bottom of Morrison Dorm at Carolina as a part of the Arts Everywhere initiative. My roommate Haley works with Arts Everywhere and was instrumental in getting it opened, so I was super happy to go and support her on their launch day. My friend from work Grace and I were able to go and play around with watercolors for a few hours. I had zero talent but a lot of fun.

89. Redesign my resumé
Thanks to some help from a friend at work, I updated my resume to look much cleaner and less crowded! I showed it to a friend from my old job, and she said it was beautiful and gave her a really great impression of what I did both at work and outside for myself. I took that as a pretty great compliment!

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