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Of Note — July 5

Of Note — July 5

Long time no chat!! It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the year — I’m not entirely sure how that happened! The last month has been very busy with work, school (I’m taking an online class at Carolina), friends, family, and a little bit of traveling.

A few things that have brought me joy this past month — my brother’s pup Bear, a Canada Day card from my coworker’s son, fresh flowers, and wearing Woody socks to see Toy Story 4.

Currently reading
I think I face a problem when I try to read multiple books at once. I get a little overwhelmed and then go through phases where I’ll just put them all down. So I’m still here working on Heir of Fire, Bring the Noise, a new book from the library called The Emperor’s Children, and two Brené Brown books (I just watched her Netflix special and am obsessed). Ya know…just a few things. Hopefully I will read more than I did in June, which was a grand total of 0 books. I did surprisingly hit my 50 books goal on my 101 things list, because I’d forgotten to track two of them! Yay! Planning to write about them soon.

Currently watching
Literally, at this moment — Wimbledon! I’ve seen a bunch of movies recently that I’ll hopefully talk about next week, so right now let’s just focus on this most wonderful tennis time of the year. I am most excited for a match coming up later today, when Andy Murray and Serena Williams will play mixed doubles. They are my favorite players on the men’s and women’s side, and they decided super last minute to play together — my actual dream. I can’t wait!!

Currently listening
The number-one thing I’ve listened to in the past month is the new Jonas Brothers album, Happiness Begins. I have had it on NON STOP! It’s so chill and fun, and it’s perfect to listen to in the car with the windows down. I have tickets to see them when they come to Raleigh in August, and I can’t wait! I put a bunch of songs on the playlist I made for spin a couple of weeks ago — it was Taylor Swift vs. Jo Bros, and it was lit.

Currently eating
This week I made a version of this Trader Joe’s Green Goddess pasta recipe that was delicious. I halved the recipe, using Banza rotini (made from chickpeas and chock full of protein) instead of Trader Joe’s spaghetti because I had the Banza in my pantry already. I forgot to buy haricot verts so left those out (whoops!). While reading this I just realized I forgot to put the basil in, even though I had it (double whoops!). And I added shredded parmesan cheese. It was delicious, and I wish I’d made a bigger batch!

A few delicious things I’ve eaten this month — mango salsa that I put on top of fish tacos, cacio e pepe at a Durham restaurant I’ve been wanting to try, a homemade raspberry crumble bar, and grilled red Argentinian shrimp and asparagus with pasta salad on the side.

Currently loving
Coco Gauff, cacio e pepe, women’s world cup, Richard Madden, Rocketman, Yesterday, Toy Story 4, peonies, freckles, neon sports bras, flamingo sheets, baking, Bear, mango salsa, white nail polish, SoulCycle, Chinese food, Ariana Grande, Sanctuary app, bike rides outside, Home Goods, sunrises, Megan Rapinoe, Crystal Dunn.

A fun weekend in DC full of friends, Ariana Grande, and SoulCycle!

Durham sunrise
50 New-to-Me Books

50 New-to-Me Books

Of Note — June 7

Of Note — June 7