Social Media

My primary responsibilities at the DNC involved writing for and posting to all of the Democratic Party's social media accounts. 

I live-tweeted major speeches, did rapid-response during conventions and breaking news, and brought the receipts in debates. I celebrated history and found my very favorite way to use emojis.

We set off on a bus tour across the country and used that opportunity to launch a Snapchat account and an Instagram series featuring the voices of ordinary Americans. And, finally, found a way to distinguish an Instagram story from a Snapchat story. Using Vine (RIP), we celebrated our best moments and highlighted our opponents' worst.

There were jokes. There were pop culture references. On the day of the Carolina/Duke basketball game, I subtly let the world know that we were on the good guys' side. 

Overall, it was about writing fun, engaging content. My team worked hard to create an authentic and relatable voice — people could laugh at our jokes but more importantly, they could trust us. Our goal was to drive people who discovered our content online to take offline action, and by building a strong relationship and drastically increasing engagement, we increased the number of voters, volunteers, and donors who participated in the 2016 election.


The Content team at the DNC takes the pen on most longform pieces of writing that we put online. Without a blog on our website, we launched a Medium account and post to our publication, To the Left. I've had the pleasure to write for a wide variety of voices, from friends on the DNC research team to George Takei.

In 2012, I contributed to the Obama for America blog and tumblr, and when I studied abroad I (like most students) tried my hand at blogging. Winning London was well-reviewed by my grandmother, who had my aunt print out my posts and bring them to the nursing home, and by friends of my dad. I'm not sure my dad ever actually read it.

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Joe Biden

The Vice President's political accounts (@JoeBiden on Twitter and Joe Biden on Facebook) are run by my team at the DNC. With an audience of almost 2 million, it is the largest account we manage. As Joe Biden's number-one superfan (on my team and in life), I always jumped at the chance to write for his accounts. On Facebook, Twitter, and Medium, we celebrated the accomplishments of the Obama administration and encouraged voters, particularly the Obama coalition, to volunteer and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. 


Additional Online Copy

The catch-all way to describe my team's work at the DNC is that we write all the words the DNC puts out online (except emails). In addition to the aforementioned content, I wrote graphic copy, pages on the website, playlist descriptions on Spotify, merchandise descriptions in the online store, and more.